Kiwi Mocktail

Wow!! So Refreshing!!! This kiwi mocktail just made my day today and that too it was so refreshing and sweet. Everyone needs a drink in these hot summers. So, I had a long day and was very tired and after working for so long hours and that too in these summers, I wanted a refreshing drink. So I saw these kiwis in my refrigerator so I thought to make this kiwi blast mocktail. This is a sugar-free mocktail where I loved adding honey instead of sugar which gives a natural taste of sweetness.

You will be surprised how easy it is to prepare this amazing mocktail and enjoy this summer with all these blasting drinks. I was just out of mint leaves but if you have added them to kiwi mocktail it tastes amazing. You know I always love to drink cold beverages while having dinner especially during these summer days so I try to make a new drink every single day. I added quite a bit of pineapple juice just to blast your throat, when the lemon, kiwi, and pineapple is mixed together gives a very balanced and good flavor. Checkouts some refreshing summer drinks which make you feel refreshed- Watermelon Lemonade, Sidecar Cocktail, Pornstar Martini.


  1. 2 Kiwi
  2. 4 Teaspoon Pineapple Juice
  3. 1 ½ Teaspoon Honey
  4. Ice Cubes (Optional)
  5. 1 Can Sparkling Lemon Water


  1. Firstly, peel the kiwi and place it in a food processor along with honey and ice cubes.
  2. Secondly, add pineapple juice and lemon water and mix it well.
  3. Then, if required, blend more in the food processor.
  4. Finally, add some kiwi cubes or slices of kiwi and serve cold.


TOTAL TIME- 10 minutes

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