Sidecar Cocktail Recipe

This drink just looks so refreshing…. Let me tell you this sidecar cocktail not only looks good but also tastes amazing. This is another recipe of fruit flavored drink. This is the classic recipe of sidecar cocktail and it is made up of brandy, orange liqueur and lemon juice. This drink is one of the most popular drinks in France. This drink was first introduced in London. Invention of this cocktail  was done for American army captain during World war I and named motorcycle sidecar which was used by the captain. I have never tried brandy before but after trying this cocktail I am in love with this cocktail. More than me, my brother loved this drink, if I give him this drink everyday he won’t mind.

Before making this cocktail I rubbed the orange outside the glass and kept in freezer for 10 minutes and then poured the cocktail which made me enjoy this cocktail more as while I was drinking I could also smell the orange flavor. This drink taste bit sour but make it sweet you can use Spanish brandy which is sweet and goes really well with orange. No matter what brandy you choose for this sidecar cocktail the important thing for this cocktail is that make sure that you balance the sweet and sour taste, especially too much lemon juice can destroy the cocktail. Because sometimes the lemon comes quite sour so taste before adding lemon to the cocktail. Make yourself feel refreshed by trying out some fruit flavoured drink such as porn star martin.


  1. ¾ Oz Cointreau (Orange Liqueur)
  2. 1 ½ Oz Cognac
  3. ¾ Fresh Lemon Juice
  4. Sugar for Garnish
  5. Orange Twist for Garnish


  1. Firstly, coat the glass with sugar and keep it aside.
  2. Secondly, add Cointreau, cognac and lemon juice in a shaker along with some ice cubes and shake it well.
  3. Finally, strain the cocktail and pour it in the glass. 


TOTAL TIME- 10 minutes

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