Bread sticks Recipe

The Italian bread sticks, these are long, thin and clean dry. They are made from dough containing butter and yeast. They are just made in and are eaten as appetizers or served with soup or pasta dishes. The ingredients, the shape, its length as well as its baking time are indeed important while preparing this Bread Sticks Recipe. While shaping the sticks it’s absolutely up to you how thick and thin you want. I usually make this bread sticks thin so that is a bit more crispy as my family likes it to be crispier. Apart from this, try to make the strips in equal sizes so that they are baked evenly.

These soft-golden brown bread sticks brushed with melted butter and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Yeah! They are the perfect accompaniment to a big bowl of soup or salad or just as a bite for snacks. If you are bread lovers like me take note of my WARNING! You won’t be able to stop at just one. Make this bread sticks recipe and enjoy it.


  1. 250gms Flour
  2. 2.5gms Salt
  3. 5gms Sugar
  4. 8gms Butter
  5. 5gms Yeast
  6. 130-140ml Water
  7. Sesame seeds


  1. Firstly, sieve the flour. Make a well; add yeast, sugar and enough water to make a smooth but stiff dough.
  2. Once the dough is stiff add the butter and salt.
  3. Secondly, mix well so butter and salt are incorporated in dough properly and rest it for 30 minutes under a vessel or damp cloth.
  4. Scale the dough into 16 pieces, round, and bench for 5 minutes.
  5. Then, shape them into long thin sticks and place them on a lightly greased tray.
  6. Lastly, ferment for 15-20 minutes.
  7. Finally, brush it with egg wash.
  8. Sprinkle some sea salt/ sesame seeds for 8-10 minutes till the sticks are golden, hard and crispy.


BAKING TIME- 10 minutes

TOTAL TIME- 1 hour 10 minutes


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