Food To Eat Everyday

February 8, 2021 Preeti_1 0

What do you thinkā€¦? Eating healthy is better than eating diet food and working out.? I always think we should eat these foods daily instead Read More

Classic Eclairs

February 4, 2021 Preeti_1 0

Here I made some delicious classic eclairs today and it turned out so good. My love towards my recipe of this easy eclairs recipe is Read More

Egg Rolls

January 19, 2021 Preeti_1 0

How do egg rolls sound to you? A mixture of eggs wrapped in pastry or bread. Yes, it is one of them and also that Read More

Bloody Mary

January 15, 2021 Preeti_1 0

Bloody mary name itself says the color of the drink. Yes, it’s red. It’s a vodka-based cocktail where tabasco sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and horseradish are Read More

Alfredo Sauce

January 11, 2021 Preeti_1 0

Alfredo sauce looks so much like a white sauce. It is an Italian cheese-based sauce which is too famous in Italy. I love Italian food Read More

Chicken Cake

January 3, 2021 Preeti_1 0

Happy new year to all. Yes, you have read it right “Chicken Cake”. When I made this delicious chicken tikka cake for dinner this New Read More