About Us

Hi there! My name is Priti Adnani.

Let me introduce myself by telling you that ‘Cooking is Something I Live and Breathe Day in and Day Out’. Yes, it has a part of my soul. You can say – it is the reason of my happiness.

I started my cooking journey while I was too young. I loved making chocolates as a child and tried numerous variations, flavors and shapes. I dreamt of becoming a chef, back in my school days. The Master-chef show and the Chef Hat have always thrilled me.

I’ve grown seeing my grandmother prepare lip-smacking delicacies and Indian sweets that wow our taste-buds every time the tongue touches them. My mom has been my inspiration when it comes to preparing yummy dishes – she loves serving the family with something new every now and then. These two females have a massive influence in how I cook and are my role model.

O YES! I am totally obsessed with food.  I’m sure you might have noticed this by now. My passion and love for food encouraged me to cook new recipes on every possible occasion, weekends, and get together.

I started my food blog as a way to express and share what people love about my cooking. This is my personal space where I enjoy sharing the first-hand pictures of what I cook, my recipes and experiments with food.

I am amazed to share this blog “Pritilicious” – ‘Priti’ means ‘Love’ and ‘Licious’ means ‘Delightful’. As a passionate food blogger, I can’t resist experimenting in kitchen for my family and friends. It motivates me to get a lot of experience and add to my knowledge of cooking. I love making desserts and Indian cuisine, continental meals and more.

Of course, we can’t undermine the fact that “Health is wealth”. So I always have a touch of health to everything I prepare and ensure it is packed with taste and nutrition.

I understand every person need to balance both work and home. I come up with many quick recipes which are easy as well as taste-packed so that you can save time in the kitchen.

For me, cooking is like an art. The way people play with different colors in a painting. Similarly, while cooking, we can play with different ingredients and spices to create a tasty dish. With this initiative of a food blog, I can motivate others and also myself to be independent in all walks of life.

No matter who I cook for, I always take pleasure in doing it! I find cooking a very relaxing task to be engaged in. It is amazing how you can add your personal touch to different recipes and try out various styles and version of them.

Apart from this, I am also interested in handcrafts and calligraphy for which I have my own IG page @creative­designs99.