Donuts Recipe

This recipe is everyone’s favorite – isn’t it? You don’t need any cookery skills. I have been craving for donuts many days. These are just fluffy, light and its rich sweetness makes them positively addictive. They melt in your mouth when you take a bite, and you just can’t resist with one, I am sure. They are actually better than a store glazed, YEAH they are that TASTY. You must be thinking to make this fried donut recipe you require fancy ingredients than in that case you’re WRONG. Probably you must have most of the ingredients handy in the kitchen.

The very first step in creating donuts is blooming your yeast: dissolve sugar into lukewarm water, and then stir in the yeast. It should turn into a foamy, bubbling layer on top of the water. This is how you know your yeast is alive. The most important thing you need to be careful while preparing the dough it should not be too soft or too hard. To test if your dough is ready, lightly press your thumb into the dough. In about seconds, the dough should bounce almost completely back. Lastly, you make your favorite donut by dipping into your favorite glaze. I hope you will enjoy this yeast donut recipe.


  1. 250gms Refined Flour
  2. 15gms Yeast
  3. 55gms Powdered Sugar
  4. 55gms Butter
  5. 75ml Milk
  6. ¼th teaspoon Vanilla Essence
  7. A pinch Salt
  8. 1 Egg
  9. Refined oil for frying


  1. Firstly, sieve the flour. Make a well; add yeast, egg, powdered sugar, vanilla essence.
  2. Knead the dough using milk until it’s soft.
  3. Secondly, cream the butter and salt and rub it into the dough. Allow it to proof.
  4. Thirdly, knock back the dough it out into a thick circle, (1/8th inch thick).
  5. With a donut cutter, cut out a donut and place them in a dusted tray.
  6. Cover it with a moist cloth or place in a proofer.
  7. Last but not the least, fry the donut after they are double in size.
  8. Finally, make donut of your choice is one want chocolate donut can dip It in chocolate glaze, one can sprinkle cinnamon sugar.

NOTE- If the donuts are to be dipped in chocolate glaze, cool them completely first and if to be sprinkled with cinnamon and icing sugar do so when hot.


READY IN- 2 hours

TOTAL TIME- 2 hours 10 minutes

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