Grapefruit Champagne Cocktail Recipe

Happy summer!! What can be more delicious than this refreshing grapefruit cocktail during this time? I was waiting to share this cocktail recipe with you guys and I feel this is the best time to share where everyone is checking out new recipes of refreshing drinks during summer. The inspiration for this grapefruit champagne cocktail drink came from the herbs. This grapefruit champagne cocktail is one of the best drinks to celebrate it with. I experiment with many other fruits with this drink but I felt grapefruit infused with rosemary came out to be well and it is one of the fancy grapefruit cocktails.

This grapefruit champagne cocktail recipe is made of sugar syrup, rosemary, grapefruit, and champagne. This cocktail is amazing for hot summers or any time of any season. This was the first time I tasted grapefruit and it tasted delicious. Grapefruit also goes well with vodka, gin, and as a juice itself with some spirit or 7 up. You can use any kind of champagne with this cocktail I used dry champagne has less sugar content. I don’t like any drink to be too sweet so I preferred dry champagne. There is also a different variation of drinks where grapefruit can be substituted with orange, cranberry, and pineapple. So, let me know how it came out and with what you made this refreshing drink.


  1. ½ Cup Water
  2. ½ Cup Sugar
  3. 2 Tablespoon Rosemary
  4. 2 Grapefruit
  5. Champagne (As Required)


  1. Firstly, make the sugar syrup in a saucepan with the sugar, water, and rosemary and boil it for a minute or so.
  2. Secondly, remove the juice of grapefruit and pour it in a champagne glass. Then, add sugar syrup.
  3. Finally, add champagne to fill the glass.


TOTAL TIME- 10 minutes

Refreshing Cocktail Drinks.

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