7 Health Benefits Of Okra

Okra is a plant-based flower that is known for its edible seed pods. It is cultivated in tropical climates It is also known as Lady’s fingers. It comes in two colors- red and green. It has a very mild taste and unique texture. Inside the pods, there are small white edible seeds which are edible. Okra is biologically a fruit but people used it as a vegetable in cooking. A very common vegetable packed with lots of nutrients. Okra is something that is mainly used in southern American and Indian cuisine. Okra is cooked very well with spices in Indian cuisine. In today’s time, okra is very popular in Greece, the middle east, south America, Africa, parts of turkey, and India. So, here I am sharing 7 health benefits of okra.

  1. IT MAY LOWER HEART DISEASE RISK- People who have high cholesterol have a higher risk of getting heart disease. If you have noticed, when u cut the okra or ladyfinger in half vertically, there is a gel-like substance which is called mucilage, which helps to lower the risk of cholesterol. Okra is rich in many nutrients which help to fight harmful inflammation and also helps to protect your heart and keeps your heart healthy.
  2. IT LOWERS BLOOD SUGAR- Keeping your blood sugar level healthy is very important otherwise it can cause diseases like diabetes and pre-diabetes. In many research, it is been proved that okra might help to decrease the blood sugar level. Okra might benefit to lower diabetes.
  3. IT IS RICH IN NUTRIENTS- Okra is packed with lots of nutrients. It is loaded with vitamin A, C, K, B6, fiber, protein carbs, and magnesium. But it is very rich in Vitamin K and C. This is unique fruit as it provides protein because there are very less fruits and vegetables which provide protein. Okra is very low in calories and contains fiber and protein. Consuming enough amount of protein helps to manage weight, bone structure, muscle mass, and blood sugar control.
  4. IT CONTAINS BENEFICIAL ANTIOXIDANTS- Okra is another healthy food packed with a lot of antioxidants which has lots of health benefits. Antioxidants are some compounds that are present in food and helps to damage harmful bacteria. This is one of the 7 health benefits of okra. This also helps brain health to protect against inflammation. It also helps lower the risk of blood clots, and improves learning and memory power, only in the food which has the main antioxidant present called polyphenols.
  5. IT BENEFITS PREGNANT WOMEN- Vitamin B9 is a very important nutrient for pregnant women. It helps to reduce the risk of neural tube damage which affects the brain of a developing child. Okra is very rich in vitamin B9, so one cup of okra consumed by women can give her energy.
  6. IT IS VERY EASY TO ADD IN YOUR DIET- Okra is mostly used in cooking so it is quite easy to add to your diet. While buying okra it is always good to buy okra which is soft and has a green pod that also can be stored for more than 3-4 days. Okra can be cooked in many ways, it can be fried with some spices and gram flour, pickling okra is yummy, slice and roast okra, it very crispy, and also can be cooked in tomato sauce.
  7. MAY REDUCE THE RISK OF CANCER- Okra has a type of protein that helps to inhibit the growth of cancer cells in the human body. Okra prevents the cancer cell to grow by 63% in the human body. So, okra helps a lot in the body to prevent cancer cells to grow and might also extract caused cancer cell death.



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