Different Types Of Pasta

Pasta is one of the most popular and loved food by today’s people. Pasta is the easiest, satisfying meal and varieties of pasts to choose from. Pasta is Italian staple food but, in today’s time, it is everyone’s favorite. When you stand at the supermarket to check for pasta, you will find thousands of varieties from which most of them look the same. Every pasta has its recipe but one thing, which I feel is difficult for me is to choose pasta because I love all types of pasta. If we start counting, we have almost 350 varieties of pasta. Certain pasta only goes with certain sauces or vegetables or meats, such as you can not make a pink sauce pasta in lasagna, this pasta is the dish itself. So, let me share some of the basic 10 different types of pasta with you all, which I am sure you all will love it.

  1. PENNE- Penne is one of the basic and popular pasta, it has a round tube structure with diagonal cuts on both ends. It is mostly served with thick creams such as pink sauce pasta and peri-peri pasta. This pasta is mostly eaten with creamy sauce and it is a baked pasta dish in most cases.
  2. RAVIOLI- Ravioli is one the very different types of pasta. Ravioli is square pillow-shaped pasta. The most filling used for ravioli pasta are mixed veggies, cheese, meat, and seafood and topped with some olive oil, sauce. It is also served along with soups.
  3. MACARONI- Macaroni are small, curved tube-shaped pasta. They are mostly used in minestrone or cheese sauce. It is also used in mac and cheese. It is best to have baked pasta, it is just perfect with thick sauces and they hold sauces very well.
  4. SPAGHETTI- Spaghetti is another famous variety of pasta in the world. Spaghetti is thin, long noodle type of pasta and it is prepared in a variety of sauces. The famous Italian spaghetti Aglio e olio is the best spaghetti dish. This type of pasta also goes well with meat and veggies such as spicy Thai noodles.
  5. LINGUINE- Linguine is too much like spaghetti, it is just a little bit flatter and considered very luxurious. Linguine is perfect to pair up with cream-based sauces but with a lighter texture. It also goes with seafood.
  6. FARFALLE- Farfalle is known as the bow tie. It’s a bow tie-shaped pasta that looks more like a butterfly. It is best to pair up with cheese, and tomato sauce. It is also used in pasta salad most of the time. Usually, farfalle is the best to use in pasta salad but if in case you do not have, you can use penne pasta for the salad.
  7. FUSILLI- This is spiraled-shaped pasta, It is perfectly paired with chunky vegetables and with meat sauces. It can also be pasta bakes or can be baked in casseroles.
  8. CANNELLONI- There are two shapes of pasta in cannelloni one comes flat and the other one comes in large tubes pre-rolled, it is stuffed with different kinds of fillings such as spinach and cheese or light and simple sauce such as tomato sauce.
  9. RIGATONI- Rigatoni pasta looks much more like penne pasta. It looks like tubes with small ridges, but it is slightly wider and is cut into squares or diagonally. As these kinds of pasta are quite large, it is paired with vegetables and chunky sauces.
  10. LASAGNE- Lasagna is pasta sheets which is the dish itself and is also baked in a dish. It is an oven-baked dish. It is mostly served with fillings such as pork, beef, bechamel sauce, and vegetables with tomato sauce.


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