Food to be eaten during coronavirus pandemic

What should you eat if you come down with coronavirus? Here is your food to be eaten during coronavirus pandemic.

As we all know that symptoms of coronavirus are pretty much the same but some symptoms change from person to person. So you eat healthy food will just boost up your immunity which is important so, your body will be able to fight with the virus. The most common symptoms are cough, throat pain, fever, cold, headache, body pain, change of taste and some which are not common in all the people are diarrhea, cannot smell the food, not feeling hungry. So if you are not feeling well, consult a doctor immediately.

Following are the most important food to be eaten during coronavirus pandemic, if you are a covid-19 positive patient:

  • Keep yourself hydrated– Drink plenty amount of water. Drinking water is the most important when you are sick as you won’t feel like eating anything so what will keep you hydrated is water, juices, and all kinds of liquid. You can have fluids like black tea with honey or jaggery, fresh juice, energy drinks. Tea with honey or jaggery will help your throat and calms coughing. Fresh juice gives you lots of nutrients and it also gives taste to your tongue. Fresh juices such as orange juice, apple juice, beetroot juice, and many more. Eat lots of oranges as its high in vitamin c and helps for keeping the immune system healthy.
  • Eat healthy food– You can eat fresh fruits and vegetables, lentils and beans, soups (tomato soup, lentil soup), whole grain (maize, oats, wheat, brown rice, etc.), Nuts.
  • Consume a limited amount of sugar and salt– Do not eat a lot of salt and sugar in your food. While cooking food limit the amount of salt in your food. Try not to eat sweet, especially limit the sweetness in your juices. Do not consume more than 5gms of salt in a day instead you can use iodized salt. Eat fresh fruits instead of chocolates, ice-creams, and cookies.
  • Use an adequate amount of fat and oil– Avoid using saturated fat such as ghee, butter, coconut oil instead use unsaturated fats such as canola oil, olive oil.
  • Avoid eating outside– It always best to eat at home which is cooked fresh rather than eating outside food which is prepared half-cooked a day before. Eating at home reduces the rate of contacting and being exposed to covid-19.
  • Counseling– When a person is having covid-19, a person feels stressed and depressed which will affect the body. So, eating nutritious food will not help to build the immune system, it’s also necessary for a person to be happy and relaxed. So, it’s important for a person to take professional counseling if required.


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