Food To Eat Everyday

What do you think…? Eating healthy is better than eating diet food and working out.? I always think we should eat these foods daily instead of working out or going to the gym… Honestly, I just hate working out so we all should all consume this healthy food. The super-easy way to be in perfect shape and healthy is to eat this food every day. These are some food loaded with all nutrients. Below are food to eat everyday.


    Tomatoes are red and red vegetables are loaded with antioxidants. Consuming tomatoes every day keeps your body healthy and fit. It’s better to consume the processed tomatoes as it is easier for the body to absorb the lycopene. This  food to eat everyday is the most important as its very healthy. Having tomatoes every day in your diet helps to decrease the risk of stomach cancer, skin, bladder, lungs, and also coronary artery problems.


    Having blueberries every single day is healthy for your body and also you can have purple grapes, raisins, blackberries, strawberries helps you prevent many diseases such as memory loss, diabetes, and cancer. Berries are rich in vitamin A & C and fiber. Having a cup of mixed berries a day keeps your body healthy.


    Walnuts just best for your brain and loaded with lots of protein. Having 5-7 nuts a day as snacks is just perfect. This keeps your bones healthy and active. If you do not like to have walnuts mix it with some salad, pancakes, or in your morning breakfast with some cereals and milk.


    Orange, Yellow, and red fruits and vegetables are really important for your body and one of them is carrots it prevents the risk of asthma, cancer, and arthritis. Try to have at least ½ cup of carrots every day.


    Any beans are the best for boosting the brain and also heart as they prevent a lot of diseases. Beans include lots of protein and fiber. You can have lentil soup or beans soup, peas, lima beans, kidney beans, and many more.

  6. OATS-

    Rice, flaxseed, and quinoa are also packed with lots of fibers. These are loaded with soluble fibers which prevent the risk of any heart diseases. And also it is loaded with carbs and these food items reduce the sugar level. Having oats as your morning breakfast every day is the best.


    Having yogurt every day is the best way to keep your body healthy and active. Yogurt is rich in protein, calcium, vitamin B12, magnesium. Now the most asked question is that “can we have flavored yogurt?” I prefer no because it contains lots of artificial sugar which is bad for your body. So, having a small bowl of plain yogurt every day is the best for your body and also keeps your acid from your stomach away.


    All green veggies are healthy but spinach is comparatively more healthy. It reduces the risk of stroke, heart disease. Having a bowl of salad before your main course lunch is way healthier than just having your heavy lunch. A salad bowl will make you feel less hungry.

These all food items can be consumed every day and also can be your food diet. Having these items in your breakfast, lunch, evening snack, or dinner can be really helpful. It prevents your body from many diseases and also boosts your brain and keeps your body active and healthy. These food items keep a balanced amount of nutrients in your body. It is better to eat healthy than to take medicines for some diseases. I make sure that I and my family consumes these in a day so that they all are away from most of the diseases so, follow this 8 food to keep yourself healthy. Also, if you want to be away from medicines, try to eat natural food.


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