Foods To Avoid Before A Workout

What you should eat and not eat before a workout? Nowadays workout has been an essential part of life which every other person does, which is a good thing. Working out every day keeps you healthy. Exercise helps to control your weight, keeps your blood sugar level in control, keeps your heart healthy, it also helps you mentally and physically, in short, it keeps your body healthy. Now there is some common question which you usually think that what are the foods to be avoid before workout..? Food plays a very important role if you are working out. These Foods to avoid before workout will prevent you to get into any problems like gas, cramps, stomach pain etc. Following are some of the food items that one should avoid eating before the workout.

Always eat 1-2 hours before going for a workout. You can eat a whole grain bread sandwich, a peanut butter- bread, cereals bowl, oatmeal bowl filled with fruits, and low-fat smoothie and yogurt and also try to eat all natural food than pre-processed food.


  1. DAIRY PRODUCTS- Especially the people who are intolerant to lactose should not consume this before the workout. Some dairy products such as milk, cheese, yogurt can cause cramping if it is consumed before work out.
  2. FRIED FOODS-  Fried food such as burgers, pizza, fries, food that contains lots of fats can be difficult to digest and might cause diarrhea, cramping, stomach pain. Fried food hits your body badly if it’s consumed before a workout.
  3. FRUIT JUICE- Yes, fruit juice seems to be quite healthy, as juice does contain carbs and fluids, but it is high in sugar which does not digest quickly. It can cause stomach cramps. If you want to consume any of the juices, you can consume them as part of a meal that is quite healthy. But try to contain the juices which have less sugar.
  4. ALCHOL- Alcohol is the worst thing you can have before or after a workout. The liquid does give hydration and it is important to be hydrated before, during, and after the workout. But alcohol does not come under that and alcohol being a liquid is dehydrating and suppresses fat oxidation.
  5. DESSERTS-Pastries, ice creams, donuts, scones, candies are on the red list. It is super high in sugar and contains lots of butter and fats. You should not consume before the workout.
  6. SPICY FOODS-Never have a bowl of spicy food before the workout, that highly affects your stomach, digestive system, heartburn, stomach burn. I would suggest that do not eat spicy food if you are working out especially for at least 24 hours.
  7. FLAX SEEDS-Even though flax seeds are super healthy for your body, but there are chances of causing the gas problem if it’s consumed before workout.
  8. HARD BOILED EGG-It’s always good to have a hard-boiled egg when you are working out but not before the workout, as it is rich in protein and protein takes time to digest, it can be consumed after a workout.
  9. COFFEE-Need to open your eyes for the workout? Do you need coffee for that which keeps your brain awake and active? Caffeine does improve your workout but at the same time sugar does not.
  10. ENERGY DRINKS-Most people tend to drink energy drinks after the workout or sometimes before which is not good at all because they are filled with a loads amount of sugar, fact artificial sweeteners are used in these drinks. That causes gas problems and fatigue which does not keep you hydrated.
  11. PROTEIN SHAKES-Most people think when you workout, you should consume protein shakes but that’s wrong!!!!! Because it contains lots of processed ingredients especially, artificial sweeteners which is not good for health. It does not come under the category of fitness.


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