Foods To Boost Your Brain Memory

The brain is the most important part of your body. It has control of your body. It allows you to feel, smell, think, and move, it also allows your lungs to breathe and it is in charge of your heart beating. So, keeping your brain active, focused is very important. Now many people have certain questions about food linked with brain…. What a person should eat to improve the memory, or for increasing the intelligence or for studying and many other things. Naturally keeping your brain healthy, and focused is the best way to eat healthy food rather than having medicines. Food plays a very important role in keeping your body, in fact, every part of your body healthy. So, below are some foods to boost your brain memory.


  1. COFFEE-

    If you are a coffee person. Then you will be happy that it’s really good for your brain as it includes caffeine which helps your brain to be awake and active. Coffee always makes you feel good. It also helps you to be focused and concentrated on the things you are doing. But having lots of coffee in a day is not good.


    Broccoli is high in Vitamin K. It is loaded with plant compounds and also includes antioxidants, and antioxidants keep your brain active and also improves memory. These anti-inflammatory and antioxidants help to protect from any brain damage.


    The best and everyone’s favorite dark chocolate contains caffeine and antioxidants which helps you boost your mood, increases positive feelings, and also boosts your brain memory. I eat lots of dark chocolates during my exam and honestly it helps me a lot, I become nervous during my exams so it also positively affects my mood. This is the brain food for studying.

  4. BANANA-

    It helps the students to concentrate and study more effectively and efficiently. It also contains Vitamin-B12.

  5. NUTS-

    The another important food which helps you to improve your brain memory and also keeps your heart healthy. It is said that a healthy heart keeps the brain healthy. People who eat nuts regularly have very sharped memory. Nuts such as walnut, almonds are healthy for your brain is also high in vitamins.

  6. EGGS-

    Eggs are a really good source of nutrients which includes Vitamin -B6 and Vitamin-B12. Eggs help to boost the brain. Vitamin B plays a very important role in brain health.


    Oranges are the best source of Vitamin-C. Vitamin-C helps to prevent mental decline so having one orange in a day is best for your brain. Vitamin C sources also help you to prevent mental problems at a certain age. Vitamin- C sources such as kiwi, guava, tomatoes, strawberries, bell peppers are good for your brain.


    Pumpkin seeds are the best source of copper, zinc, magnesium, and iron, and these nutrients are very important for your brain. Pumpkin seeds prevent brain damage. They also contain very powerful antioxidants.


    Green Tea also contains caffeine so it also boosts your brain. It helps to improve alertness, performance, memory, and concentration. It’s said it is one of the best and healthy beverages for the brain. Green tea also helps you feel relaxed when you are tired.


    Blueberries have lots of health benefits and one of them is the brain. Blueberries contain antioxidants that prevent brain aging, stress, some brain diseases and also prevent short-term memory loss.


    Turmeric has been the solution for every problem such as pain killer, calcium, cold, cough, and also brain. It is the most beneficial spice as it helps the brain in many ways. It helps improve the brain memory, helps the brain cells to grow and communicate properly, eases depression. You can have a spoon of honey and turmeric or turmeric milk can benefit the same. It is one of the brainpower food.

These foods will definitely help you to boost your brain, improves your memory, prevents brain diseases, and also keeps your brain healthy and also try eating natural food. Avoid having artificial sweeteners beverages like soda, white bread, butter, cheese, red meat, bottled dressings, and fried food, that affects your memory.





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