High In Fiber Foods

Some of High in fiber foods are avocado, bananas, apple, chia seeds, carrots, almonds and many more. Fiber is one of the most nutrients that is required for our body. Lack of fiber in the body can lead to stomach undigested, constipation, high sugar level, and many other problems. Intake of fiber is healthy as it helps to lose weight, keeps your sugar level in control, reduces cholesterol, reduces the risk of gastrointestinal cancer, and digestive system properly. So here are some high in fiber foods that should be consumed every day. It is important to consume fiber-rich foods in enough amounts to avoid getting problems like bloating and gas. It is important to drink plenty of water when consuming fiber.


    Almonds are one of the most healthiest and popular nuts. It is high in vitamin and magnesium. In baking, one can use almond flour to have healthy baked food.


    Chia seeds have a lot of health natural benefits. It is super healthy and it contains calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. You can have it with some water or you can add in granola bars or some jam.

  3. QUINOA-

    Quinoa is the best source of fiber and one of the popular and health-conscious cereal people prefer to eat. It’s loaded with fiber, protein, zinc, potassium, iron, and antioxidants.


    Raspberries are rich in fiber and vitamin C. It has a very strong flavor. Having a cup of raspberries every day prevents you from many diseases.


    Everyone’s favorite, delicious strawberries are super healthy. It is loaded with vitamin c, powerful antioxidants. Try some strawberry smoothie.


    Avocado’s comes under the category of high in fiber foods. Many people do not like avocado because it does not have any taste but it’s super healthy, It is high in fiber, vitamin C, E & B. Try to drink an avocado smoothie.

  7. PEAR-

    Pear is a very nutritious and tasty fruit. It’s one of the best sources of fiber.


    Everyone’s favorite Dark chocolate and most delicious. You won’t believe it’s healthy and contains lots of antioxidants and high in nutrients. But make sure the chocolate should not contain more than 70 % of cocoa.


    Kidney beans are plant-based protein and contain lots of nutrients. It comes under the category of legumes.


    It is another healthy legume that is packed with lots of nutrients which are minerals and protein. The best and healthy dish made of chickpea is hummus which is eaten with bread, salad, or as a spread.


    Brussel sprouts is related to broccoli and cruciferous vegetable which is high in potassium and vitamin K. Its helps to fight against cancer.

  12. CARROTS-

    Carrot is best for the eyes and it is tasty also. It contains Vitamin B6, fiber and Vitamin K. Also helps to keep your blood pressure in control.

  13. APPLES-

    An apple keeps the doctor away. It is one of the most healthy fruits of all. It contains a high amount of fiber. Best to have it with salad or maybe as it is.

  14. OATS-

    Oats are the healthiest grain. It is high in antioxidants, minerals, fiber, and vitamins. It keeps your sugar level and cholesterol level in control. Best to have overnight oats as your breakfast.


    it is made from the dries, split, and peeled seeds of peas. It’s mostly consumed in the form of soup. It contains a high amount of fiber.

  16. BEETS-

    Beetroot is high in iron, copper, and potassium. It’s best for lowering blood pressure. It is super healthy and prevents many diseases.

  17. BANANAS-

    Banana is the best source of vitamin C, B6, and potassium. Green banana contains lots of fiber.

These are some of the healthy fruits and vegetables which are high in fiber. These food items are not only rich in fiber but also are rich in other nutrients. These foods can be eaten every day. These are some of the best food to increase fiber in your body.

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