The 10 foods for healthy hair

Everyone wants long, healthy, and silky hair. For a long, I have been hearing people going through treatments like hair transplants which is quite scary for me. I have been facing a lot of hair loss these days. When we visit to doctor, the doctor says that we have a lack of calcium and vitamin but even after taking tablets some of us still face the same problem. Now hair growth depends on your diet and the number of right nutrients you consume. Why hair loss is caused? It is because of poor nutrition, not having healthy food, stress, depression, at some places water can be a problem but that is very rare. Now, honestly saying I feel too frustrated when I am asked to take medicine for hair loss. But, no worries you will not have to take medicines for your hair loss because the 10 foods for healthy hair will help you. Some of these foods are your favorite also so that will not be a problem.

  1. SPINACH- Spinach is loaded with iron, folate, vitamin A and C. Green leafy vegetables are anyways very beneficial for hair and eyes. Vitamin A helps to moisturize the scalp which will keep your hair healthy. Deficiency of vitamin might be the reason for hair fall.
  2. AVOCADOS- Avocados are one of the 10 foods for healthy hair. It is very nutritious and delicious. It is the best source of vitamin E. The most important nutrient required for hair growth is Vitamin E. Most of the people who have hair loss are the people who have a deficiency of Vitamin E. Vitamin E not only protects hair, but also the skin, scalp, and also helps to improve the quality of the hair.
  3. EGGS- Egg is again another food for hair loss. It is a great source of biotin and protein. Eggs not only beneficial for hair growth but also the body. Lack of these nutrients can cause hair loss.
  4. OYSTERS- It is the best source of zinc. This helps with the repair cycle and hair growth. It is been proved that zinc deficiency can cause hair loss.
  5. SOYBEANS- Soybean is an excellent source of protein and it has a huge impact on healthy hair and stops hair fall. A compound called spermidine present in soybean helps to grow healthy hair.
  6. SWEET PEPPERS- Sweet peppers are the best source of Vitamin A & vitamin C which can help for healthy hair growth. Yellow pepper provides the same amount of vitamin C as oranges.
  7. BEANS-Beans is a plant-based protein that is very necessary for healthy hair growth. It also provides nutrients for hair growth which includes folate, biotin, and iron.
  8. NUTS- Nuts are very healthy, packed with lots of nutrients, and also have a lot of health benefits such as hair growth, lower heart risk, reduces inflammation. This is the best and excellent to have in your diet.
  9. SEEDS- Seeds have the most amount nutrients compared to any other food. It is very much beneficial for healthy hair growth. Seeds contain multiple nutrients such as Vitamin E, Vitamin B, and omega 3. The most common, healthy seeds which can help hair growth are flax seeds and chia seeds.
  10. BERRIES- Berries are the best remedy for every problem. It is loaded with lots of nutrients everyone loves to eat berries. It is loaded with strong antioxidants and vitamin c. It is best for hair loss. Vitamin C produces collagen which is a protein that helps to strengthen hair and prevent it from breaking.



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