The 8 Best Food To Gain Weight

Every person wants to be healthy, neither overweight nor underweight. Gaining weight is as difficult as losing weight. But it is always better to eat naturally and gain weight rather than having some junk and gaining weight. Many people just keep on eating too many burgers, pizza, cheese to gain weight which is very unhealthy and ineffective. A simple healthy diet can make you gain weight which is quite effective and healthy. Here are the 8 best food to gain weight.

  1. MILK- Milk is one of the best food to gain weight and it’s been said it builds muscles and helps to gain weight. It is the best source of calcium, vitamin, and minerals. To gain weight or to gain muscles one can drink 1 or 2 glasses of milk every day.
  2. NUTS & NUT BUTTER- Nut is another super healthy food item and the best food to gain weight. Nuts such as almonds, walnuts are super healthy, rich in fiber, protein and also contain healthy fats. One can add to your oats bowl as a breakfast or can consume as it is as snacks. I add crushed almonds and walnuts to my oats bowl. Butter contains lots of fat but nut butter contains healthy fats such as peanut butter I like to have peanut butter banana bites as it contains fruit as well as peanut butter.
  3. RED MEAT- Red meat is one of the best food to gain weight and for muscle building. It’s been said by doctors that people who are vegetarian or vegan face a lot of issues in the body because of a lack of protein, vitamins. Additionally, red meat is one of the best sources of dietary creatine which is the best way for muscle building.
  4. DRY FRUITS- Dry fruits are the best snacks and super healthy. Dry fruits are loaded with calories, antioxidants, and healthy fiber. This adds calories to your diet with a high amount of nutrients. Dry fruits not only help to gain weight but also has other health benefits. I eat dry fruits with my oats bowl morning, you can have it with the same Greek yogurt, or some mousseline.
  5. CHEESE– Cheese is been a staple food for years. Yes, it is quite shocking that cheese is healthy. Like dark chocolate cheese also has lots of benefits. Cheese is healthy and everyone loves it, it can be incorporated with any dish easily and it contains lots of calories which helps to gain weight. But many kinds of cheese are high in unsaturated fats and cholesterol. Try one my version of Mac and cheese which you will love it.
  6. EGGS- a person who is healthy but wants to build muscle also eats eggs. It is the healthiest food to build muscles. It is loaded with proteins and healthy fats. It is very important to eat at least one boiled egg every day. However, there is no limit to consuming boiled eggs. Bodybuilders eat six-seven boiled eggs in a day. If you do not like boiled eggs, try eating poached eggs, scrambled eggs, baked eggs, fried eggs. Try one delicious and healthy recipe of cheesy egg toast. There are the 8 best food to gain weight and this is one of it.
  7. HEALTHY FATS AND OIL- Healthy fats and oil are loaded with calories. Just adding one spoonful of oil to your meals like salad, sauces can help you gain weight. But always consume olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil than vegetable oil as vegetable oil contains unhealthy fats, Having butter in your breakfast also high in calories which is again best for gaining weight.
  8. CEREALS- Cereals are the best source of nutrients, carbs, and calories. Having oatmeal cooked with whole milk adds carbs to your diet. Adding some toppings such as dry fruits, berries, nuts can help you get your body more nutrients. Cereals are a healthy way of gaining weight.


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