Butter Cookies Recipe

This butter cookies recipe is super quick and easy to prepare. These homemade butter cookies are crispy, soft and delicious with lots of buttery flavor in mouth. One day my mom called me up saying that her friends are coming home for tea. Of course I had to at least make something from them so I made this supper easy cookies where the dough does not need any resting. I made these cookies for them. Then when they left, my family tasted it and they loved that the next day I had to prepare these cookies for three times. One finishes and other says I did not get… so it went on and on…It goes will with a droplet of jam on top. These cookies are made with simple four ingredients- flour, butter, icing sugar and vanilla essence which is always available at home. These butter cookies are light and perfect for tea time. At this point of time where it’s getting difficult to get things like cookies, cakes etc. Don’t worries here is the simple recipe which you can bake anytime you want. Happy Baking!!!


  1. 115gms Refined Flour
  2. 40gms Icing Sugar
  3. 100gms Butter
  4. Few Drops of Vanilla Essence


  1. Firstly, sieve the flour in a bowl and keep it aside. Then cream the butter with icing sugar.
  2. Secondly, add the flour to creamed butter gradually until it becomes smooth and fluffy. Then add few drops of vanilla essence and mix it well.
  3. Thirdly, pour the mixture in the piping bag with the star nozzle. Then, pipe the mixture on a greased tray and then make a space using your tiny figure to put the jam.
  4. Finally, bake at 150 degree Celsius for about 30 minutes or until light brown in color on the sides. Once cool down add some jam on the top.


BAKING TIME- 30 minutes

TOTAL TIME- 40 minutes

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