Chicken Cake

Happy new year to all. Yes, you have read it right “Chicken Cake”. When I made this delicious chicken tikka cake for dinner this New Year some of my family members gave me a very weird look, maybe because how does it taste? But let me tell you when they had the first bite they loved it. It’s super heavy though delicious too. It’s kind of a huge recipe but the efforts are worth it. It’s made with bread and topped with coleslaw, sandwich sauce, and chicken pieces and covered with cream cheese spread.


For Chicken Marination

  1. 1kg Chicken Breast
  2. 1 Tablespoon Ginger Garlic Paste
  3. Salt to Taste
  4. ½ Teaspoon Black pepper
  5. 1 + ½ Tablespoon Lemon Juice
  6. 1 Teaspoon Cumin Powder
  7. ½ Teaspoon Turmeric Powder
  8. 1 Tablespoon Red Chili Powder
  9. A pinch of Nutmeg

For Sandwich Sauce

  1. 1 cup Mayonnaise
  2. 1/4th cup Ketchup
  3. 1 Tablespoon Honey
  4. 1 + ½ Tablespoon Hot Sauce
  5. 1 Tablespoon Mustard Paste
  6. Salt to Taste
  7. 1 Tablespoon Chili Flakes
  8. 1 Tablespoon Lemon Juice
  9. ½ Teaspoon Black Pepper

For Coleslaw

  1. 3/4th cup Mayonnaise
  2. ½ Cup Cabbage
  3. ½ Cup Capsicum
  4. ½ Cup Carrot
  5. ½ Cup Tomato
  6. ½ Cup Cucumber
  7. 1 + ½ Tablespoon Lemon Juice
  8. ½ Teaspoon Black Pepper
  9. Salt to Taste

For Cream Cheese Spread

  1. 1 Cup Cream Cheese
  2. 1/3rd cup Mayonnaise
  3. ½ Cup Cooking Cream



For Chicken Marination

  1. Firstly, cut the chicken breast into small cubes and then marinate it with ginger garlic paste, salt, black pepper, lemon juice, cumin powder, turmeric powder, red chili powder, and nutmeg powder.
  2. Secondly, keep it aside for 30-60 minutes preferably 60 minutes.
  3. Finally, adding some oil in a pan cook the chicken until golden brown.

For Sandwich Sauce

  1. Firstly add all the sauces in a bowl- mustard paste, mayonnaise, ketchup, hot sauce, and honey. Mix it well.
  2. Secondly, add in the lemon juice, chili flakes, black pepper, and salt, and then mix it well.
  3. Finally, keep it in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes for better taste.

For Coleslaw

  1. Firstly, cut all the veggies in julienne and mix it well.
  2. Secondly, add in the mayonnaise, salt, black pepper, and lemon juice and mix it well.
  3. Finally, use this within 4-6 hours.

For Cream Cheese Spread

  1. Firstly, add the cream cheese spread in a bowl and mix it well until it’s smooth.
  2. Secondly, add in the mayonnaise and cooking cream and mix it well.
  3. Finally, store it in the refrigerator.

For Assembling

  1. Firstly, place 4 slices of bread cutting the edges of each bread. Spread the coleslaw over the bread and then add in chicken followed by the sandwich sauce.
  2. Secondly, top it up with more than 4 slices of bread and repeat the same steps.
  3. Finally, cover 4 more slices of bread and cover the cake with cream cheese spread and decorate it with small pieces of chicken, cucumber, and tomato



PREPARATION TIME- 1 hour 15 minutes


TOTAL TIME- 1 hour 35 minutes

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