Ciabatta Recipe

Ciabatta Recipe is a traditional Italian bread recipe, the word ciabatta means “SLIPPER” which refers to a slipper-shaped rustic bread made from very wet dough with a large amount of polish or either biga. Some people also refer this bread as biga bread. It requires flour, yeast, olive, and water. For the dough we put refined flour and salt. It is a much lighter, chewy interior and slightly crunchy crust.

I made this bread in portions today to enjoy with my family for lunch. This is the first time I have tried making this bread and I think it turned out good. Though I love dipping it in olive oil. This ciabatta recipe is not difficult to prepare, it’s just you require little planning before you think of preparing this. You can make them in the morning and they will be ready in the afternoon, but I suggest you to make your polish the night before. Try out this ciabatta recipe and with soup or use this bread as a sandwich or just dip it in olive. Happy Baking! Do let me know how it works out for you.


For the sponge

  1. 200gms Bread Flour
  2. 10gms Yeast
  3. 80ml Olive Oil
  4. 200ml Water

For the dough

  1. 50gms Refined Flour
  2. 5gms Salt


  1. Firstly, make a sponge and cover it with wet cloth to rest for one hour.
  2. Secondly, mix the flour along with salt and spread on the table top. Then, remove the sponge and incorporate the flour and salt mixture into the sponge by folding it in 3 folds, 3-4 times.
  3. Thirdly, flatten it and cut the dough into 10 portions or 1 long loaf.
  4. Then place it on a lightly dusted tray. Dust the bread with flour. Proof it for 40 minutes.
  5. Finally, bake at 230 degrees centigrade for 10-12 minutes or 25-30 minutes for a loaf.


BAKING TIME- 12 minutes

TOTAL TIME- 2 hours 12 minutes

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