Spanakopita Recipe

Authentic spanakopita is a Greek appetizer with the filling of spinach and cheese. Along with the crispy texture as well as it is rich from inside. In addition, we add flavor in the form of herbs and aromatics to this key filling of spinach and cheese. Last but not the least I add a pinch of nutmeg to this filling which gives a pleasant aroma and flavor to the spanakopita recipe mixture.

Most importantly, be very careful while making the triangle shape. The stuffing needs to be filled properly and with adequate quantity according to the size of the triangle. It can not only be deep fried but also baked. This is one of the most crispy & rich in flavor Greek appetizer. It is healthy yet so tasty… Ah, what a rare combination of Spinach & Cheese are the fillings in phyllo dough. The crispy texture is so perfect for Tea-Snack time that I would like to call it Spanakopi-Tea-a. Try out this yummy Greek Spanakopita Recipe.


For the phyllo dough

  1. 250gms All-Purpose Flour
  2. Salt To Taste
  3. 5 Tablespoon Olive Oil
  4. 150 Ml Of Water

For the filling

  1. 300gms Spinach
  2. ½ Small Onion (Finely Chopped)
  3. Spring Onion (Chopped)
  4. ½ Bunch Dill leaves
  5. 1 Clove Garlic (Finely Chopped)
  6. 100gms Feta Cheese
  7. 1 Teaspoon Cumin
  8. Salt To Taste
  9. 3 Tablespoon Olive Oil
  10. A pinch Nutmeg powder


For the dough

  1. Firstly, Sieve the flour. Make a well, add salt and olive oil and make a dough using water.
  2. Ferment the dough for 20 minutes.

For the filling

  1. Secondly, shred the spinach and finely chop onion, spring onion and garlic.
  2. In a pan, heat the oil and saute the onion and garlic till they turn slightly golden brown.
  3. Add the spinach and cumin into the pan. Cook till the water evaporates from the spinach.
  4. Keep stirring the mixture as to not to burn the spinach.
  5. Once the mixture is ready, cool it down.
  6. In addition of this, put feta cheese to spinach mixture and mix it properly.

For Assembling

  1. Divide the dough into 6 portions.
  2. Roll into an oblong shape. Cut it into half.
  3. Make a cone and add sufficient mixture.
  4. Seal the cone by applying a bit of water at the edge.
  5. Deep fry on very low flame and can also be baked at 200 degree centigrade for 10 minutes.


BAKING TIME- 10 minutes

TOTAL TIME- 45 minutes


  1. i tried your recipe and it turned out so yummy…… I am going to try more of your recipes.. Keep it up.. and keep sharing more amazing recipes.

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